Data protection regulations

mobildor.com optionally requests the following personal data:

Name and surname
Email Address
Phone number
Delivery address

This data is requested only if the visitor chooses to contact us by email using the contact form. They are stored on the email server and are used strictly for the purpose of communication between our company and the visitor / potential customer. This data will not be used for any other purpose, will not be made public and will not be the subject of any type of transaction between our company and a third party. At the request of the sender (by email or telephone), this data will be deleted from the server and can no longer be recovered. Also, in the absence of a request, they will be deleted periodically, when we consider it appropriate that the collaboration between us and the sender is definitively concluded.

mobildor.com uses cookies, but does not collect, store or process in any way this type of information, they are automatically generated by the scripts that make up the site and can be deleted by the visitor directly from the web browser.


Free delivery within the city and suburbs, for the order of 1000 lei. Deliver on time and carefully.


Mobildor offers customers a 3-year warranty.


We offer refinement and comfort at the best price-quality ratio.

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